Product Details

Rough Granite and Polished Granite Slabs:

Black Galaxy: World famous and most beautiful stone product Black Galaxy Granite. We have our own mining facility for Rough Granite Blocks. We have our network factories for Cutter and Gang Saw Slabs.

Absolute Black/Jet Black: We can supply Monumental Black Granite from the districts of Warangal and Khammam. The range of the products include, Absolute Black, Jet Black, Impala Black, M20 black, YB2.

Tan Brown & Mapple Red: Our supplies are from Karimnagar mines. The high quality Tan brown and Mapple Red can be arranged in Rough blocks.From this area we can assure our clientele the supply of Coffee Brown, Challur Red,Saffire Blue, Tan Blue and Surf Green Rough blocks.

White Granite: White Granite is mined from Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts of Andhra Pradesh. Krishnaag Rocks and Minerals LLP is specialised in supply of famous River White, Moon White, Snow White and Jasmine White and other different shades of White Granite as per the requirement of Clientele.

Other Colours: Apart from the above specialised colours, we can also arrange supplies of different colour granites viz., M10 (Green Shade), Impala Black, Kuppam Green, Green, Absolute green, River Brown, Mountain Brown, Miriam Blue, Parvatipuram White, burgundy White, Sand Dunes, Yellow, Kingfisher blue, Marina Blue, Premium Blue, Diamond Pearl, Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Signature blue, Red Pegasus, White Galaxy, Flash Green, Anantapuram Red, Adoni Red, Colonial White, Colonial Cream, Royal Blue, Madhurai Gold, Kashmir White and many other as per the specific requirement of the client.

Sizes of the Slabs:

There is no specific size of a granite slab as it is cut from the rough granite quarried directly from earth. However, the standard size of slabs for creating different sizes according to the purposes from 7 to 9 feet in length, 4 to 5.5 feet in width and around 1.25 inches in thickness.

  • Gangsaw Slabs:280 X 185 Cm, 270 X 150 Cm
  • Mini Gangsaw Slabs:250X140 Cm, 250X120 Cm, 200X100 Cm
  • Granite Cutter Slabs:240X70 Cm, 200X70 Cm, 180X70 Cm, 150X70 Cm
  • Granite Slabs Cut to Size:60X60, 70X70, 80X80, 90X90, 100X100
  • Granite Tiles:60 x 30cm (LxH), 30 x 30cm (LxH), 120 x 120 cm(LxH)